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Objectively, Vim is the fastest editor. Is that what you care about?

That is, if you can use a keyboard. Even at 60 WPM; I clock 100 and using in-browser text entry feels like the stone age.

Look, if you’re not first and foremost talking about the point of Vim and whether it’s the right tradeoff for you or not, your discussion isn’t valid.

End of story.

Why, oh WHY, do those #?@! nutheads use vi? gets it. Haven’t seen any other that does yet.

What’s the point?

It’s a:

It’s interactive, faster, and more intuitive than just plain find-and-replace, even with regexes!

It’s like the Brainfuck of editing, except that it’s practical, mnemonic, and understandable.

  1. You can jump to the text to change faster than anybody else.
  2. You can change just that text faster on average than others.
  3. You can then repeat the same edit elsewhere, with just one or two keys, not retyping that for every occurence.

I really don’t care about the opinion of EMACSen (still relevant in 2021?), VSCoders, Atomists, or JetJavabrains. Objectively Vim has lower latency and often higher throughput on the things I care about.

I don’t care about most of the plugins… or for that terrible little terminal window that you keep insisting on only taking ⅕ of your screen space and not resizing.

I do care about PyCharm’s embedded SQL strings autocompletion.

Do you keep mashing the arrow keys 10 times? Do you have to press 30 keys to do that simple boring edit that your refactoring tools (know the exist? even work?) can’t do?

Join the cult.

Yes, we have it

¹: fzf and fzf.vim


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