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I’m Alex Pilon, a software engineering graduate and developer.

I’m not available for hire, but you may often find me at Ottawa Python (OPAG) meetings, Low Level Linux Users Group of Ottawa (L3GO), occasionally at the #ottbikesocial.

If you want to go for a leisurely winter bike ride in Ottawa, chat about software engineering, or talk or kvetch about work, I’m open.

Online profiles

Open source

None meaningful. I’ve got personal code on GitHub, what I back up there that’s not overly ad-hoc, my work is all proprietary and professional services.

Knowing a few people from the open source community or having a bunch¹ ² of meaningless small fry commits though doesn’t make you particularly part of the open source community.

I’m rather familiar with the various factions organisations, enough packages, obscure Linux and co. factoids, etc. though.

I use Linux properly on the desktop, and I don’t see the big deal; it works, and you spend 99% of the time in browser, editor, or terminal.

The other Alex Pilons

Please don’t confuse me with:

We’re all in Ottawa and software development, but we’re not the same.