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I’m a CarletonU 2010-2016 software engineering graduate. I’ve been studying or working since 2009, using Python and Linux since 2010, and using PostgreSQL/Flask/Git/etc. since 2015.

I started programming in 2008 during my TIK20 course with teacher Pierre Nault, in OOTuring, an object-oriented Pascal derivative designed and implemented at QueensU way back and reasonably widely used in CS courses in Ontario back when ON had grade 13, though we only used it imperatively and without user-defined functions. My first real program was an okayish Pong clone with far too much duplicated code. It worked though. It was fun for a bit.

In 2010, when I entered software engineering at Carleton, I decided lugging around a heavy 4400 CAD MacBook¹ on campus and late at night wasn’t the best of ideas, so I got a EEE 1015 PEM and learned Linux the hard way, and installed Arch on it, pre-systemd². I then thought it’d be a great idea to buy another one, plug kids-these-days-haven’t-heard-of-it-jfs on a RAID 6 of 8 consumer-grade drives into it over only two USB ports on the same controller and run a server off it. The rest is history:

¹: Which I still have by the way! Take that macOS! The hardware far outlived the software. It still runs Snow Leopard (10.6), not ≥ 10.7 where they removed Rosetta and my PowerPC only games stopped working.

²: But not SysV-style init scripts. Take that SysV Debian fanbois. Also, people shouldn’t write boilerplate init scripts but sysadmins AND programmers definitely should be writing service configuration, so stop talking about SysV but rather s6 and this was obvious ages ago.

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